Release History
Date Version
17-07-2019 * 1.0.1-release
11-03-2019 1.0.0-release
01-11-2018 0.2.0-release
01-10-2017 0.1.0-release
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Release Version: 1.0.1

Release Information:
  • Version - 1.0.1
  • Release date - 18-07-2019
  • Generated and added Phyre models (where possible) for proteins with sequence length greater than 2500

Improvements / Issues Resolved:
  • Updated contact email address
  • Added publication site footer
  • Added Elixir logo to footer

Known Issues:
  • 3DMol viewer does not allow loading of compressed structure coordinate files - experimental structure from PDB are downloaded in a compressed format for performance and efficiency
  • Sometimes sequence <=> structure mappings are not generated for some experimental structures due to SIFTS mapping not being available - in such cases sequence <=> structure colouring and communication cannot be applied
  • Sometimes colour transfer does not happen due to race conditions (in other words, when the colour commands are generated and applied prematurely as a result of a structure being downloaded / loaded slower in Jsmol). This is dependent on a lot of factors such as the structure file size, internet connectivity speed, client machine processor speed, client machine browser speed etc.